A Step-By-Step Dental Cleaning

What happens when your pet visits us for a dental cleaning?

Meet “Rosie”

Dr. Watt performed a full physical examination the morning of Rosie’s dental procedure. Dr. Watt listened to her heart, lungs & checked her temperature.

dental 1The animal health technician, Justine, drew a blood sample and ran an in-house preanesthetic panel, which checked her kidneys, liver, blood cell count & electrolytes.

dental 2

Rosie was placed on intravenous fluids to keep her blood pressure in the normal range, hydrate her and help flush the anesthesia out of her system.

dental 3.jpg

dental 4

Rosie is getting sleepy from her medication…

dental 5

She was intubated with a endotracheal tube to be maintained on general anesthesia during the entire procedure.

dental 6

Rosie was placed on an anesthesia monitoring system that measures her heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and oxygenation levels.

dental 8

Dr. Watt performed a full oral exam, assessing and probing each tooth. She found abnormalities when probing Rosie’s carnasial tooth.

dental 9

**The carnasial tooth looked totally normal to the naked eye**

dental 10

The plaque and tartar was removed below the gum line and on the surface of the teeth via an ultrasonic and hand scaler.

dental 11

Dr Watt then performed a second oral exam to identify any teeth needing radiology and extraction. The radiographs show integrity of the tooth and its root.

dental 12.jpg

A local anesthesia (nerve block) was injected into the nerves surrounding the carnasial tooth.

dental 13

Dr. Watt performed a gingival flap (making 2 incisions in the gum and pulling the gum back to expose the root and the bone).  Dr. Watt probed the tooth and found a 6mm pocket. This confirmed the tooth needed to be removed.

dental 14

The technician then polished all of the teeth. Polishing post scaling helps seal any microscopic ridges that may have been exposed when the tartar was removed.

dental 15
Rosie was then moved into recovery and taken off anesthesia. She is carefully monitored by her technician post dental and is kept on intravenous fluids to help flush the remainder of the sedation out of her system. She is kept in hospital until she is alert and able to walk on her own.


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